o you fancy a special adventure with the family? Experience 14 exciting days in tropical Sri Lanka! 

We have put together a round trip to exciting places with lots of action and adventure especially for families with older children from the age of 12. Visit the well-known highlights and some unknown locations away from the usual visitor routes. Experience some jungle adventures with small sporting challenges and a few unconventional excursions with thrill moments. In between, you can relax on two dream beaches on the west and east coast. 

Hike through the deep jungle at night, discover a secret UFO landing site, swim with sharks, visit a dolphin school, and relax in the hammock! 


Why this travel package? 


14 days Sri Lanka adventure round trip & bathing stay for families with children from 12 years


Eventful individual combination trip with many adventurous activities and excursions


Bathing stays on 2 dream coasts


Transfers in an air-conditioned vehicle with a licensed private driver


Family-friendly & quality-tested accommodations with breakfast


Recommended travel time: all year round

Itinerary 14 days Sri Lanka round trip 


Starts in:


National park safari: 3

(Toyota High Luxury Jeep)




Sights: 32

(4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites) 

Duration: 14 days

(with breakfast) 

Places visited: 7

(13 nights) 

Day 1: Airport - Kalpitiya

Welcome to Paradise! 


  • Arrival at the airport & drive to Kalpitiya 
  • Relaxation – bathing – lazing around – hammock – wellness – sunbathing – sport – water sports 

Your private driver will meet you at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo and will take you to Kalpitiya in your air-conditioned minivan. 

The place is located on a peninsula on the Puttalam Lagoon in western Sri Lanka. Due to the favorable wind conditions, the area has developed into an insider tip for surfers and kite surfers from all over the world in recent years. Constantly warm temperatures, perfect wind conditions, and first-class spots ensure ideal water sports conditions all year round. Swimmers appreciate the lonely, flat beaches. 

Divers and snorkelers also get their money’s worth. The offshore Kalpitiya Reef is home to an incredible variety of tropical fish and sea turtles. Whales and dolphins can also be spotted in the sea off Kalpitiya. 

After arriving at your resort, relax or jump into the waves! 

Overnight and breakfast in Kalpitiya 


Day 2: Kalpitiya

Stripes & Spinners – A Day in the dolphin school! 


  • Dolphin watching offshore safari
  • Relaxation – bathing – lazing around – hammock – wellness – sunbathing – sport – water sports 

Today you go to the dolphin school! Take the boat out to sea in the early morning. Large groups of bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, and spinner dolphins cavort in the waters of Kalpitiya. The lively animals swim and jump right next to the boats and provide acrobatic entertainment. With a bit of luck, you will also see groups of blue whales. 

You can spend the rest of the day on the beach or, if you wish, with water sports. 

Overnight and breakfast in Kalpitiya 


Day 3: Kalpitiya - Wilpattu

Leopards & Campfire – A Day in the Wild! 


  • Safari in Wilpattu National Park 

Wilpattu is the largest national park in Sri Lanka. During the civil war, it was closed for years so that flora and fauna could develop undisturbed. Large groups of leopards live in the park with its many natural water basins – called Willus – and they can be particularly well observed while drinking at the water points. 

Most of the island’s pythons live in the arid area and it is not unlikely that you will encounter one of these feared animals from a safe distance. 

Adventurous families spend the night in a tented camp in the wilderness. In camp, you and your children will learn important things: how to read animal tracks, find edible plants and navigate with the sun and moon. You spend the evening around the campfire in a real wildlife atmosphere. 

Overnight and breakfast in Wilpattu 


Day 4: Wilpattu - Anuradhapura - Mihintale - Trincomalee

Reservoirs & stupas – a day in ancient times! 


  • Ancient royal city by bike (UNESCO World Heritage) 
  • Mihintale Mountain Monastery 
  • Drive to Trincomalee 

Go back in time by bike! Anuradhapura is the oldest city in Sri Lanka and was the country’s capital and seat of several Sinhalese royal dynasties for around 1,000 years. The legendary city, idyllically situated on a reservoir, is said to have had more than 100,000 inhabitants. The former splendor of the historic metropolis can be glimpsed in the extensive field of ruins: majestic dagobas, magnificent palaces, imposing temples, and fascinating monasteries have stood here. You explore the ancient jungle metropolis by bike. 

The focus is on the 2,000-year-old, sacred Bodhi tree. It is said to be an offshoot of the Indian Bodhi tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment. Buddhist pilgrims come to this place every day to honor the tree. 

The Mihintale Monastery is considered the “cradle of Buddhism” in Sri Lanka. The monk Mahinda once preached Buddhism in Sri Lanka on the Missaka Mountain. Here is an important pilgrimage destination for believers in Sri Lanka. 1,840 stone steps are in front of you! 

In the late afternoon, you will be on your way to your bathing trip on the east coast. 

Bed and breakfast in Trincomalee 


Day 5 to 7: Trincomalee

Turquoise blue & golden yellow – three days on the dream beach! 


  • Snorkeling on Pigeon Island 
  • Cooking course “Courageous Kitchen” 
  • Relaxation – bathing – lazing around – hammock – wellness – sunbathing – sport – water sports 

Untouched dream beaches and ideal conditions for a relaxed beach vacation are offered by the still very pristine east coast around Trincomalee. In the European summer months, you can swim here and in the neighboring towns of Nilaveli and Uppuveli in the gently sloping sea, and, depending on the season, go sailing, snorkeling and diving. 

On one of the days on the east coast, we will take you out of the hammock and take you to Pigeon Island. There you go under: On the coral reef, you can snorkel with baby sharks, colorful fish, and sea turtles. Let yourself be enchanted by the colorful underwater world! 

Learn to cook spicy! Discover the diverse flavors of Sri Lanka and learn how to prepare a traditional Rice & Curry. You cook with exotic fruits, unknown vegetables, and oriental spices under the guidance of an experienced cook in a relaxed atmosphere. While eating together you will learn a lot of interesting things about the country and people in Sri Lanka and about the local way of life. As is common in Sri Lanka, you eat with your hands! 

Bed and breakfast in Trincomalee 


Day 8: Trincomalee - Sigiriya - Minneriya - Polonnaruwa

Panorama & pool party – a day in the center of Sri Lanka! 


  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress (UNESCO World Heritage) 
  • Safari in Minneriya National Park 

The 200-meter-high Lion Rock is in an idyllic, ancient garden, surrounded by the remains of a former palace complex. The fortress is Sri Lanka’s most important and most visited UNESCO World Heritage site. 

The history of this place dates back 7,000 years when King Ravana founded this amazing complex. Researchers suspect that the original palace lies undiscovered inside the rock. Allegedly one sees otherwise closed crevices open from time to time … 

The rock palace experienced a second heyday in the 5th century under King Kasyapa. The king’s son used the rock as a refuge from his brother and had elaborate buildings, a water supply that was groundbreaking for the time, and refined water gardens, which can still be seen today. 

Halfway up the ascent, you will reach the “Cloud Girls”: well-preserved, centuries-old wall paintings made of natural paint. When you have made the narrow spiral staircase with 1,860 steps up to the plateau, you will be rewarded with a pleasant cooling breeze and a fantastic panoramic view of the surroundings. 

A very special meet & greet awaits you in the Minneriya National Park: groups of up to 400 pachyderms gather in the afternoon for a “pool party” at the reservoir. In the jeep, you get closer to the animals and see their companions up close: birds, monkeys, buffalo, crocodiles, and other animals from the wildlife community. 

Overnight and breakfast in Polonnaruwa 


Day 9: Polonnaruwa - Dhanigala - Wasgamuwa

Monkeys & Aliens – Research Expedition Day! 


  • Expedition to the monkeys in the ancient royal city of Polonnaruwa (UNESCO World Heritage) 
  • Trek to Dhanigala Alien Mountain 
  • Drive to Wasgamuwa National Park 

The holy city of Polonnaruwa was the capital of Sri Lanka for about 200 years after the conquest of Anuradhapura in the 11th century. After the Sinhalese rulers gave up the city again, the magnificent buildings were overgrown by the jungle and only rediscovered and exposed by the British in 1820. 

The spectacular ruins of the once magnificent buildings are spread out over a wide area. A considerable population of monkeys has settled in the surrounding garden and irrigation systems, which makes for an enjoyable jungle book feeling. 

In the early morning, the scientists at a research station accompany you to the ancient royal city. The researchers will observe the monkey gang with you and explain the behavior of the animals to you. Learn about the animals’ family relationships and friendships, as well as their often-dramatic social stories! 

Now go on a search for extraterrestrial life! After an entertaining hike through the dense jungle and some tricky climbing passages, you will reach the plateau of the mysterious Alien Mountain. It is said that UFOs landed on the summit a few decades ago and kidnapped young monks. Eyewitnesses report bright lights, and the traces of the landing can still be seen today … 

There is also talk of hidden treasures, and other exciting stories spin around this mysterious place. Buddhist monks have lived in the approximately 70 caves of the Dananjaya Raja Maha Vihara temple at the foot of the mountain from the 2nd century until today. 

After this entertaining expedition, you drive to the remote Wasgamuwa National Park. 

Overnight and breakfast in Wasgamuwa 


Day 10: Wasgamuwa

Wetlands & Sloth Bears – A Day in the Bear Forest! 


  • Safari in Wasgamuwa National Park with picnic by the lake 

The remote Wasgamuwa National Park is one of the least-visited parks in Sri Lanka, despite its size and biodiversity. 

In the remote area, you can spot rare wildlife, including sloth bears, elephants, monkeys, deer and rare birds, amid wetlands, meadows and extensive forest areas. Longer photo stops at the water points and a picnic by the lake create an authentic wildlife feeling. 

Overnight and breakfast in Wasgamuwa 


Day 11: Wasgamuwa - Riverston - Bambarakiri - Kalabokka - Kandy

Knuckles & Fish Therapy – A Day at the End of the World! 


  • Riverston Tower 
  • Mini World`s End 
  • Pitawala Patana Nature Trail & Viewpoint with picnic 
  • Bambarakiri Falls 
  • Kalabokka 360 Upper Division Viewpoint 
  • Drive to Kandy 

We continue through the wilderness: The Knuckles Mountain Range is a remote mountain range with a wild and romantic landscape and some spectacular viewpoints. The name Knuckles Mountain Range is derived from the knuckle shape, which is formed by the five highest peaks between 1,500 and 2,000 m altitude. 

The journey up into the deserted mountain landscape leads through a picturesque lake landscape, lovely rice, and tea plantations, and the characteristic, bewitchingly scented clove fields. The tea grown in this area is one of the best in Sri Lanka. 

Riverston is one of the peaks that rise above 1,000 m. From this vantage point, you have a wonderful 360-degree view of the majestic landscape of the often mist-shrouded Knuckles Range and the grassland that spreads out in the middle of the hills. An ideal place for a picnic! 

A simple nature trail of about 0.75 km leads you to the spectacular Mini World`s End, a steep slope that falls abruptly 300 m down on the Pitawala Pathana. From here you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of the Knuckles Range and some of the valleys below. 

The Bambarakiri waterfall offers a very special amenity: fish therapy! Schools of small fish clean the feet. Pure wellness for free! Small pools of water have formed on several steps in which the little medical helpers wait. It is believed that the fish can stimulate acupuncture points and help regulate the nervous system, relax the body, and relieve fatigue. The waterfall is spanned by an adventurous suspension bridge. 

The Kalabokka 360 Upper Division Viewpoint offers breathtaking views over Kandy and Matale as well as the Knuckles Mountain range and Sembuwatte Lake, and some ancient hiking trails through the pristine nature. 

In the evening you will reach the city of Kandy. The lively old town of Kandy with its colonial buildings and the hustle and bustle on the streets invites you to stroll and stroll. A good selection of cafes and restaurants offer the opportunity to watch life in the alleys with a cup of Ceylon tea. 

Overnight and breakfast in Kandy 


Day 12: Kandy - Hatton - Kitulgala

Emerald green & spectacular – a day in the green! 


  • Visit the Temple of Tooth for the Puja ceremony (UNESCO World Heritage) 
  • Train 1st class of Kandy by Hatton 
  • Visit a tea factory & tea picking 
  • Hike to the Laksapana Falls 
  • Drive to Kitulgala 

The Temple of the Tooth in Kandy is the holiest site for Buddhists in Sri Lanka and at the same time the most beautiful Buddhist temple in the country. A Buddha’s canine tooth is kept as a relic in the main temple. According to tradition, the owner of the relic has the right to rule over Sri Lanka. The room with the shrine in which the tooth is kept is opened three times a day for pilgrims and visitors in a puja ceremony. Here you and your children can sacrifice flowers like pilgrims and light an oil lamp. 

During the nostalgic train ride from Kandy to Hatton, you will be enchanted by the green landscape of the dense tea plantations. The rolling hills fly by like paintings. The section is one of the most beautiful railway lines in the world. Hatton is in the central highlands in the middle of tea plantations. The best tea in Sri Lanka grows in the area: Maskeliya. The only teas to which this tea is added is real Ceylon tea! 

On the tea plantations and in the numerous tea factories you can follow the entire process of tea production, which is still as devout and quality-conscious today as it was 100 years ago, from planting to harvesting and processing to tasting. You will also pick tea yourself and learn about this hard work. During the subsequent testing session, you will get to know the different tastes of the different types of tea. 

The Laksapana Falls in the Maskeliya area is 126 m high, making it one of the highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is also considered the most beautiful waterfall in the country because of its majestic jet and can be reached after a 45-minute hike through dense forest. A spectacular view opens from the plateau.  

Kitulgala is the hot spot for water-based adventure sports in Sri Lanka. The area around Kitulgala, located in the dense jungle, is mountainous and crossed by rivers. When the water flows through the rough terrain at high speed, it turns into bubbling whitewater. An Eldorado for adventurous rafting fans! 

Overnight and breakfast in Kitulgala 



Day 13: Kitulgala

Dwarf people & ziplining – a day full of jungle adventures! 


  • Adventure sports of your choice 
  • Expedition to the Belilena cave 
  • Night hike through the jungle 

The Kelani River offers some of the most exhilarating white water rafting in Sri Lanka. The crystal-clear water of the river, which plunges through a rocky gorge just above Kitulgala, is a perfect area for rafting professionals and beginners. Rapids of levels 2 to 3+ with promising names like “Butter Crunch”, “Killer Falls” or “Virgins Beast” await brave challengers. 

The breathtaking tropical landscape forms the perfect backdrop for this and other adventure sports: abseiling on waterfall rocks, canyoning, ziplining, and confidence jumping. You have the choice! 

The Belilena Cave is of great importance to the cultural and historical heritage of Sri Lanka. Hidden in the middle of the jungle is the winding cave system in which traces of human settlement around 30,000 years old have been found. The natural cave is not only of interest to amateur archaeologists, who can find remains of human skeletons and ancient dinosaur fossils here. 

In recent years, eyewitnesses have reported dwarf people who are said to have stayed in the cave. Objects were also found that indicate the existence of mysterious inhabitants … 

The exciting cave expedition leads on a narrow path through the impassable jungle with many wild animals and exotic birds. The entrance to the cave is behind the cascades of a waterfall. From here you can also enjoy a fantastic view of the valley. 

The Makandawa Forest Reserve is in the Kitulgala area in the lowland rainforest and is one of the wettest areas in Sri Lanka. At dusk, you set out on a guided night hike through the dense jungle. The tour leads to several hidden waterfalls. Here you will discover rare birds and nocturnal amphibians and reptiles under the expert guidance of a ranger. A real jungle adventures 

Overnight and breakfast in Kitulgala 


Day 14: Kitulgala - Airport

Transfer to the airport 

End of the journey 

Now it’s time to say goodbye! An adventurous Sri Lanka tour comes to an end. Hopefully, you will leave our beautiful island with many unforgettable impressions and memories! Get home well! 


Or stay a few more days to relax and bathe on the coast! 


Entrance fees according to the itinerary

Accommodation in a family room with breakfast 

Transfers and round trip in an air-conditioned vehicle with an English-speaking private driver 

Transfer to the airport / extension hotel 

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