Looking for family challenges? We give you 14 days of thrills in wild Sri Lanka! 

This private tour takes you to the most interesting wildlife hotspots on land and water and to Sri Lanka’s “Big Five”! The small tropical island offers excellent conditions to see many exotic wild animals and natural wonders in a short space of time. Experience some exciting wildlife adventures with interesting sporting challenges and some thrill moments. At the end of the trip, relax on the exotic southwest coast. 

Listen to the mysterious sounds of the rainforest, go on a night hike in the wilderness, swim with elephants, explore mysterious caves and fly over the mountains! 

Why this travel package? 


14 days Sri Lanka wildlife tour & swimming for families with children from 12 years


Exciting individual round trip for families who like to go stalking and explore natural beauties away from the crowds of visitors


Bathing stays on the southwest coast


Transfers in an air-conditioned vehicle with a licensed private driver


Certified, German-speaking guide bookable


Family-friendly & quality-tested accommodations with breakfast


Recommended travel time: all year round

Itinerary 14 days Sri Lanka round trip 


Starts in:


National park safari: 2

(Toyota High Luxury Jeep)




Sights: 25

(2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites) 

Duration: 14 days

(with breakfast) 

Places visited: 8

(13 nights) 

Day 1: Airport - Kitulgala

Welcome to Paradise! 


  • Arrival at the airport & drive to Kitulgala 
  • Hike to Aberdeen Falls 

Your private driver will meet you at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo and set off with you in your air-conditioned minivan to the jungle town of Kitulgala. 

Kitulgala is one of the most humid places in Sri Lanka and a classic adventure destination. The place is in the middle of the rainforest on the Kelani River, which is a very popular destination for adventure sports enthusiasts due to the rapids at this point. 

To get started, a short hike to a special place awaits you: the 98 m high Aberdeen Falls are among the most picturesque waterfalls in Sri Lanka but are rarely visited. The natural pool at the foot of the multi-level waterfall is framed by imposing rocks and hidden caves. At the waterfall, the clear water of the pool invites you to take a refreshing swim and you can picnic on the bank with a view of the impressive natural spectacle. 

Overnight and breakfast in Kitulgala 


Day 2: Kitulgala

Secret caves & eerie noises – an adventure in the deep jungle! 


  • Expedition to the Belilena Cave 
  • Adventure Sports (rafting / abseiling / canyoning) 
  • Night hike through the jungle 

Kitulgala is the hot spot for water-based adventure sports in Sri Lanka. The area around Kitulgala, located in the dense jungle, is mountainous and crisscrossed by rivers and waterfalls. When the water flows through the rough terrain at high speed, it turns into bubbling whitewater. 

The Kelani River offers some of the most exhilarating white water rafting in Sri Lanka. The crystal-clear water of the river, which plunges through a rocky gorge just above Kitulgala, is a perfect area for rafting professionals and beginners. Rapids of levels 2 to 3+ with promising names like “Butter Crunch”, “Killer Falls” or “Virgins Beast” await brave challengers. 

The breathtaking tropical landscape forms the perfect backdrop for this and other adventures: abseiling on waterfall rocks, canyoning, ziplining, and confidence jumping. You have the choice! 

The Belilena Cave is of great importance to the cultural and historical heritage of Sri Lanka. Hidden in the middle of the jungle is the winding cave system in which traces of human settlement around 30,000 years old have been found. The natural cave is not only of interest to amateur archaeologists, who can find remains of human skeletons and ancient dinosaur fossils here. In recent years, eyewitnesses have reported dwarf people who are said to have stayed in the cave. Objects were also found that indicate the existence of mysterious inhabitants … 

The exciting cave expedition leads on a narrow path through the impassable jungle with many wild animals and exotic birds. The entrance to the cave is behind the cascades of a waterfall. From here you can also enjoy a unique view of the valley. 

The Makandawa Forest Reserve is in the Kitulgala area in the lowland rainforest and is one of the wettest areas in Sri Lanka. At dusk, you set out on a guided night hike through the dense jungle. A special wildlife experience! The tour leads to several hidden waterfalls. Here you will discover rare birds and nocturnal amphibians and reptiles under the expert guidance of a ranger. 

Overnight and breakfast in Kitulgala 


Day 3: Kitulgala - Kandy

Crazy Towers & Sacred Teeth – Excursion into Sri Lanka’s Exotic Culture! 


  • Ambuluwawa Crazy Tower 
  • Tooth Temple (UNESCO World Heritage) 
  • Cooking course “Flavors of Sri Lanka” 

If you want to dare to climb the 48 meters high Crazy Tower on Ambuluwawa Mountain, you should have a head for heights! The tower is twisted like a snail shell and a real hotspot for a special photo! 

The stairs get narrower and narrower, which makes the ascent a real adventure. Those who make it up to the top will be rewarded with a unique view of the 3,500 m deep valley and an exclusive snapshot. Don’t forget your selfie stick! 

The spiritual and religious center of Sri Lanka is in Kandy. The main attraction is the Temple of the Tooth, in which a Buddha’s canine tooth is kept. But also, the pretty old town, the idyllic lake in the middle of the city, and the bazaar invite you to stroll and go boating. At the market, you can experience the haggling of the traders and the lush, colorful stalls with exotic fruits and vegetables, but also with high-quality handicrafts and antique jewelry. Let yourself be wrapped in a colorful sari at one of the stands and feel as elegant as a local! 

The Temple of the Tooth in Kandy is the holiest site for Buddhists in Sri Lanka and at the same time the most beautiful Buddhist temple in the country. A Buddha’s canine tooth is kept as a relic in the main temple. According to tradition, the owner of the relic has the right to rule over Sri Lanka. The room with the shrine in which the tooth is kept is opened three times a day for pilgrims and visitors in a puja ceremony. Here, like pilgrims, you can offer flowers and light an oil lamp. 

Discover the diverse flavors of Sri Lanka and learn how to prepare a traditional Rice & Curry. You cook with exotic fruits, unknown vegetables, and oriental spices under the guidance of an experienced cook in a relaxed atmosphere. While eating together you will learn a lot of interesting things about the country and people in Sri Lanka and about the local way of life. 

Overnight and breakfast in Kandy 


Day 4: Kandy - Matale - Riverston

Knuckles & fish therapy – road trip to the end of the world! 


  • Sri Muthumariamman Kovil Hindu temple 
  • Bambarakiri Falls 
  • Riverston Peak Tower 
  • Mini World`s End 
  • Pitawala Nature Trail 
  • Pitawala Pathana Viewpoint 

The traditional spice and herb gardens are located along the “Spice Road” between Kandy and Matale. Here you can see, smell, and feel how pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa beans grow and how they are used in food or medicine. 

In Matale is the sensational Sri Muthumariamman Kovil, a 300-year-old, colorful Hindu temple. At the back, you can investigate the classroom of an elementary school. 

Now it’s off into the wilderness: The Knuckles Mountain Range is a remote mountain range with a wild and romantic landscape and some spectacular waterfalls and viewpoints. The name Knuckles Mountain Range is derived from the knuckle shape, which is formed by the five highest peaks between 1,500 and 2,000 m altitude. 

Riverston is one of the peaks that rise above 1,000 m. From this vantage point, you have a wonderful 360-degree view of the majestic landscape of the often mist-shrouded Knuckles Range and the grassland that spreads out in the middle of the hills. An ideal place for a picnic! 

A simple nature trail of about 0.75 km leads you to the spectacular Mini World`s End, a steep slope that falls abruptly 300 m down on the Pitawala Pathana. From here you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the Knuckles Range and some of the valleys below. 

The Bambarakiri waterfall offers a very special amenity: fish therapy! Schools of small fish clean the feet. Pure wellness for free! Small pools of water have formed on several steps in which the little medical helpers wait. It is believed that the fish can stimulate acupuncture points and help regulate the nervous system, relax the body, and relieve fatigue. The waterfall is spanned by an adventurous suspension bridge. 

Bed and breakfast in Riverston 


Day 5: Riverston - Dambana - Gal Oya

Medicinal plants & cave dwellings – travel back in time! 


  • Visit the indigenous people 
  • Night hike in Gal Oya National Park 

The region in the Gal Oya nature reserve is home to the last hunter-gatherer tribes in Sri Lanka and is far from the classic tourist routes. During a meeting with the indigenous people, you will get to know the original way of life of the indigenous tribal community of the Vedda. 

Explore the great outdoors with a member of the tribe and a guide. The tribal representative provides information about the millennia-old rules and traditions of the community, about medicinal plants, old hunting areas, and the cave dwellings of the indigenous people. 

Find edible yams, extract honey from a beehive, read animal tracks, and learn to set traps. It is a fascinating insight into the former life of hunters and gatherers in the jungle. After a brief introduction to the use of the bow and arrow for hunting, visitors enjoy a BBQ meal in the village square. 

Courageous wildlife fans venture into the forest at dusk, accompanied by a local ranger and with a flashlight in hand, to stalk nocturnal amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds. 

Overnight and breakfast in Gal Oya 



Day 6: Gal Oya

Leopards & lacquer monkeys – an expedition into the wild! 


  • Boat safari in Gal Oya National Park 

The secluded 64,000-hectare national park in the east of the country attracts nature lovers and bird watchers alike. You could observe the wild animals from the water on a boat safari on the Senanayake Samudra Reservoir. A whole new perspective on animals and landscape! 

In addition to swimming elephants and – yes, lacquer monkeys – you can also observe other spectacular wild animals up close: water buffalo, axis deer, and leopards. In the middle of the lakethere is a bird island, which is used as a nesting place for numerous exotic birds. The dazzling, colorful hustle and bustle of the feathered animals make the island an Eldorado for bird watchers. 

Overnight and breakfast in Gal Oya 


Day 7: Gal Oya - Diyaluma - Ella

Hikes & foresight – bike tour through the highlands! 


  • Diyaluma Falls 
  • Bike tour through the mountains around Ella 
  • Ziplining Ella 

With a height of 220 m, the Diyaluma Falls are the second-highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka and a magnificent natural spectacle. Because of the fine veil of water, it is also called the “mist waterfall”. The intermediate levels form natural “infinity pools” for swimming with an exclusive view of the valley. The approximately 20-minute hike up leads through the jungle with a view of the plain. 

Around Ella you can take short bike tours to various sights and natural beauties: 

Ella Rock is a well-known rock high above Ella. From here you have a breathtaking view over the hill country and the plains below. 

The Nine Arches Bridge is a masterpiece of colonial railway construction and one of the most famous photo opportunities in Sri Lanka. 

Finally, a very special adventure awaits the family: a 500 m long, spectacular two-wire zip line speeds adventurously over the valley at 80 km / h and offers a bird’s eye view of the beautiful hills of the central highlands. 

Overnight and breakfast in Ella 


Day 8: Ella

Train ride & Teebarone – Visit the world of tea! 


  • Train 1st class of Ella according to Haputale 
  • Tea factory and tea picking 
  • Lipton`s Seat lookout point 

During the nostalgic train ride from Ella to Haputale, you will be enchanted by the green landscape of the dense tea plantations. The rolling hills fly by like paintings. The section on the way to the highlands is one of the most beautiful railway lines in the world. 

Hikes and bike tours through the enchanting, lush green landscape of the tea plantations are special natural experiences. Hilly vegetable terraces, bubbling brooks, and thundering waterfalls invite you to be relaxed tours. 

The commercial tea cultivation in Sri Lanka was founded in 1872 by Scot James Taylor. Taylor built a fully equipped tea factory on the Loolecondera Estate in 1872. In 1875 he succeeded in sending the first shipment of Ceylon tea to the London tea auction. 

In 1883 the first tea auction was held in Colombo. The Colombo tea auction is now considered the oldest and largest tea auction center in the world. Ceylon tea today has a share of 19% in world tea exports. 

On the tea plantations and in the tea factories, you can follow the entire process of tea production, which is still as devout and quality-conscious there today as it was 100 years ago, from planting to harvesting and processing to tasting. You will also pick tea yourself and learn about this hard work. 

During the subsequent testing session, you will get to know the different tastes of the different types of tea. 

The Lipton’s Seat viewpoint in the Dambantenne tea plantation is one of the most beautiful and famous in Sri Lanka. The Scottish tea baron and namesake Sir Thomas Lipton measured his tea empire from here. On a clear day, you can overlook up to seven provinces of the country over the hills and tea plantations. 

The route up is one of the most beautiful car routes on the island. The short hike to the summit leads through evergreen tea plantations, steep mountain slopes, and the colorful villages of the tea pickers. 

Once at the top, there is teatime with fresh flatbread and the greatest view over Sri Lanka. 

Overnight and breakfast in Ella 


Day 9: Ella - Yala

View & Audiences – Reception with Elephant, Leopard & Co.! 


  • Hike to Little Adam`s Peak 
  • Jeep safari in Yala National Park 

Little Adam’s Peak protrudes from the tea plantations and offers an excellent panoramic view of the mountain landscape, preferably in the early morning. 

Yala National Park on the eastern south coast is Sri Lanka’s most popular national park. Here you can watch a variety of animals such as crocodiles, elephants, mongooses, and monkeys, but also one of the largest leopard populations on the island. Anyone who has decided to stalk the “Big Five” of Sri Lanka has the chance to see elephants, sloth bears, and leopards in front of the photo lens. 

Adventurous families spend the night in a tented camp in the wilderness. In camp, you and your children will learn important things: how to read animal tracks, find edible plants and navigate with the sun and moon. You spend the evening around the campfire in a real wildlife atmosphere. 

Overnight and breakfast in Yala 


Day 10: Yala - Galle - Mirissa

Coconut palms & cliff divers – tricycle ride into colonial times! 


  • Visit Galle and Galle Fort (UNESCO World Heritage) 
  • Tuk Tuk driving lesson 

This road trip on the Indian Ocean leads through lively seaside resorts along the south coast of Sri Lanka. The most beautiful beaches on the island are lined up here like pearls. 

You reach the historic port city of Galle with its imposing colonial buildings and tropical flair. Before the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century, Galle was the island’s main port and reached the height of its development in the 18th century during the Dutch colonial era. Magnificent buildings and the fortress around the old town bear witness to the city’s eventful history. 

When strolling over the walls of the well-preserved fortress and through the partly renovated old town with its beautiful shops and cafés, visitors experience an unmistakable colonial flair.  On the promenade in front of the lighthouse, snake charmers and cliff divers provide easy thrills! 

Conquer the city’s narrow streets in a breezy tuk tuk. After one lesson you can drive yourself! 

In the popular seaside resort of Mirissa, sun seekers will find a long, white sandy beach with palm fringes and excellent conditions for surfing and swimming. Small beach bars invite you to have a relaxed sundowner and the restaurants offer fresh seafood with a view of the famous stilt fishermen. Mirissa is also the starting point for offshore whale watching safaris. 

Overnight and breakfast in Mirissa 


Day 11: Mirissa - Bentota

Turtles & Marsh Crocodiles – Excursion into the water wilderness! 


  • Whale watching offshore safari 
  • Visit a turtle farm 
  • Boat trip into the mangroves 

To see numbers 4 and 5 of Sri Lanka’s Big Five, you must go out to sea. Blue and sperm whales cavort off the south coast of Sri Lanka with an entourage of lively schools of dolphins. In the early morning, the boats leave Mirissa for the marine mammal climes and approach the giants. 

Visiting a turtle sanctuary helps animal rights activists to save endangered animals. To prevent the illegal sale of the turtle eggs deposited on the beach on the south coast, the employees of the protection stations collect the eggs immediately after they are deposited and release the animals a few days after they hatch. You can see the cute turtle babies and their adult conspecifics up close and learn about the work of animal rights activists. 

Your last excursion into the tropical fauna takes you by boat into the mysterious atmosphere of the mangroves with their lush vegetation and their exotic inhabitants. Monitor lizards, crocodiles, and snakes are suddenly within your grasp! 

Now you have the exciting part of the journey behind you. You arrive at your beach resort on the southwest coast. 

Overnight and breakfast in Bentota 


Day 12 & 13: Bentota

Wellness & water sports – relaxation on the dream beach! 


  • Relaxation – bathing – lazing around – hammock – wellness – sunbathing – sport – water sports 

The area around Bentota is well developed for tourism and is known as a center for Ayurveda treatments. The cheerful place awaits sun-seekers with palm-fringed dream beaches and paradisiacal bays as well as numerous water sports on the Bentota River. Interesting excursion possibilities in the tropical hinterland bring variety to the tranquil beach life. 

Near Bentota, there are beaches in Aluthgama, Beruwela, and Bentota. Aluthgama is an insider tip because bathers can relax largely undisturbed on the long beach here on the peninsula between the lagoon and the Indian Ocean. The beaches of the neighboring towns of Beruwela and Bentota combine to form a kilometer-long, snow-white dream beach with shallow water. 

We wish you a good rest! 

Overnight and breakfast in Bentota 


Day 14: Bentota - Airport

Transfer to the airport 

End of the journey 

Now it’s time to say goodbye! An eventful Sri Lanka tour comes to an end. Hopefullyyou will leave our beautiful island relaxed and with many unforgettable impressions! Come home safe! 



Entrance fees according to the itinerary

Accommodation in a family room with breakfast 

Transfers and round trip in an air-conditioned vehicle with an English-speaking private driver 

Transfer to the airport / extension hotel 

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