Has your Instagram feed aroused your desire to travel? We bring you to Sri Lanka’s dream locations from your feed! Immerse yourself in the exotic life in Sri Lanka and get to know the country and people with us, off the beaten track!  

14 days Sri Lanka combined round trip with 15 top photo spots, 2 safaris, train ride, balloon ride, dream beaches, accommodation & private drivers to the famous Instagram spots & beach holidays on the south coast: visit the top locations and insider spots on the picturesque tropical island and share dreamy ones Souvenir photos with your followers. The breathtaking landscape offers the perfect stage for unique snapshots.   

You will also experience some exciting jungle adventures, get up close and personal with wild animals, discover secret places and get to know an exotic culture. Rushing waterfalls, silent temples, abandoned ruins, colorful villages and fantastic sunsets on endless dream beaches are waiting for you! 

Why this travel package? 


14 days Sri Lanka photo tour & beach vacation


10 days individual round trip to the top Instagram spots, lost places, and undiscovered locations


4 days of bathing on the most beautiful beaches of the exotic south coast


Ride in an air-conditioned vehicle with a licensed private driver


Atmospheric accommodations & charming beach resorts with breakfast



Starts in:


National park safari: 2

(Toyota High Luxury Jeep)




Sights: 28

(4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites) 

Duration: 14 days

(with breakfast) 

Places visited: 7

(13 nights) 

Day 1: Airport - Colombo - Kitulgala

Welcome to Paradise!   


  • Reception  at  Bandaranaike  International Airport   
  • Colom bo  Fort - Independence Memorial Hall -  Gangaramaya  Buddhist Temple – Town Hall  - Red Mosque  -  Viharamahadevi  Park – Pettah – Galle Face Green  - Gallery Cafe    
  • Drive to Kitulgala   

Your private driver you receive at the Bandaranaike  International Airport in Colombo and you makes you immediately on the way to a brief the Colombo City Tour. Here you can equal your first photos before boasted being background make: Before imposing  Jami ultra- Alfar Mosque and silent  Gangaramya  Buddhist Temple.      

Roaming t  the winding streets of Colombo Fort and  Pettah: Here you get the first impression of authentic life in Sri Lanka and can more exotic photograph motifs. Floating markets and cookshops with their exotic smells lure you to get to know the delicious cuisine of Sri Lanka for the first time.    

In the afternoon you make your way to  Kitulgala in the tropical rainforest.  Here you will experience a real jungle feeling!  

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Overnight  and breakfast in  Kitulgala   


Day 2: Kitulgala

Natural caves & night hike – adventure expeditions into the past!  


  • Expedition to the Belilena cave  
  • Rafting / Canyoning / Abseiling on the Kelani Ganga (optional)   
  • Night hike in Makandawa Forest Reserve   

Kitulgala is the hot spot for water-based adventure sports in Sri Lanka and a great place to take photos. The area around Kitulgala is mountainous and crossed by rivers. When the water flows through the rough terrain at high speed, it turns into bubbling whitewater.   

The  Kelani River offers some of the best white water rafting in Sri Lanka. The crystal clear water of the river, which plunges through a rocky gorge just above  Kitulgala, is a perfect area for rafting professionals as well as beginners. Rapids of levels 2 to 3+ with promising names like “Butter Crunch”, “Killer Falls” or ” Virgins  Beast” await brave challengers.  

The stunning tropical landscape forms their impressive variety of exotic plants and animals the perfect backdrop for this and other adrenalin kicks:  Abseiling on Waterfall Rock, canyoning, ziplining, and Confidence jumping.  And for spectacular action photos!  

 The first challenge awaits in  Kitulgala:  hidden in the middle of the jungle lies the winding cave system of the  Belilena Cave, in which traces of human settlement around 30,000 years old have been found. The natural cave is not only interesting for amateur archaeologists, who can find remains of human skeletons and ancient dinosaur fossils here. In recent years, eyewitnesses have reported dwarf people who are said to have stayed in the cave. Objects were also found that indicate the existence of mysterious inhabitants …  

The demanding cave expedition leads on a narrow path through the impassable jungle. The entrance to the cave is behind the cascades of a waterfall. From here, you can see the unique view of the valley.  

In the evening you explore the jungle in the dark! The Makandawa Forest Reserve is located in the  Kitulgala area in the lowland rainforest and is one of the wettest areas in Sri Lanka. The night hike through the area leads through the dense forest to several waterfalls. Here you will discover rare birds, nocturnal amphibians, and reptiles under the expert guidance of a ranger.  

#belilenenacaves #kitulgalaadventures #makandawarainforest #kitulgalarafting #kitulgalajungle  

Overnight and breakfast in  Kitulgala  


Day 3: Kitulgala - Ambuluwawa - Kandy

Magic tower & temple of the tooth –  In the high rush and at a sacred ceremony!  


  • Ambuluwawa Crazy Tower  
  • Market & old town  
  • Bahirawakanda statue  
  • Temple of the Tooth (UNESCO World Heritage ) for the  Puja ceremony  

If you want to dare to climb the 48 meters high Crazy Tower on  Ambuluwawa Mountain, you should have a head for heights! The tower is like a snail shell wound and a real hotspot for a  special photo! The stairs get narrower and narrower, which makes the ascent a real adventure. Those who make it up to the top will be rewarded with a unique view of the deep valley and the opportunity for an exclusive snapshot.     

The lively old town of Kandy with its colonial buildings and the hustle and bustle on the streets invites you to stroll and stroll. On the colorful market of merchants and the lush estates with exotic fruits and vegetables, but also with high-quality crafts and antique jewelry. Here you can try on a saree or sarong in one of the shops and feel as elegant as a  local!    

A panoramic view of the city and the opportunity for spectacular photos are available from a hill on which the beautifully formed, white Buddha statue of Bahirawakanda stands. The 88 meter high statue shows Lord Buddha sitting in the Nirvana pose. A photo of the climb up the steep stairs with the statue in the background is a must!   

The temple of  Bahirawakanda is open to visitors. Here you can lay down flowers like pilgrims and light an oil lamp. The best time to visit  Bahirawakanda is when it is dark when the statue is illuminated and the lights of the city of Kandy spread out below the hill.   

The Temple of the Tooth in Kandy is the holiest site for Buddhists in Sri Lanka and at the same time the most magnificent  Buddhist temple in the country. A Buddha’s canine tooth is kept as a relic in the main temple. According to tradition, the owner of the relic has the right to rule over Sri Lanka. The room with the shrine in which the tooth is kept is opened three times a day for pilgrims and visitors in a  puja ceremony.   

#ambuluwawa #kandy #templeofthetooth #bahirawakanda #srilankasari  

Overnight and breakfast in Kandy  


Day 4: Kandy - Matale - Dambulla - Minneriya - Habarana

Living elephants and lying statues – Visiting Sri Lanka’s huge!  


  • Sri  Muthumariamman Kovil Hindu temple   
  • Cave Temple and Golden Temple  Dambulla (UNESCO world heritage )   
  • Jeeps safari  in  Minneriya  National Park  

 The traditional spice and herb gardens are located along the “Spice Road” between Kandy and  Dambulla. A stop at one of the colorful stands with fresh fruit and vegetables is expressly recommended to try exotic superfood and sustainable soft drinks straight from the environmentally friendly coconut packaging!  The colorful stands are a wonderful photo opportunity and the market women are willing to with you to be photographed.  

In  Matale is the sensational Sri  Muthumariamman Kovil, a 300 year old,  bright colorful Hindu temple. Could at the rear t your views in the classroom of a primary school risk.    

The rock temple of  Dambulla is famous for its 5 caves, in which there are 153 statues of Buddha carved out of the rock and well-preserved paintings depicting scenes from the life of the Buddha.  It is said that the water on the ceiling of the main cave flows uphill!  

The temple is one of the oldest monasteries in the world.  The focus is the huge resting Buddha in the first temple cave. A picture of the 14 m long figure with gigantic feet is a classic. From the viewing platform on the hill, you also have a beautiful view of the surroundings.    

Minneriya National Park is awaiting  Meet  &  Greet special to you: Groups of up to  2 00 elephants gather in the afternoon for bathing and drinking at the dam. In the jeep, you get closer to the animals and see their companions up close: birds, monkeys, buffalo, crocodiles, and other wild animals. Here the imposing animals can be photographed up close in their natural habitat.   

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Overnight and breakfast in Habarana 


Day 5: Dambulla - Pidurangala - Habarana

Hot air & high-altitude adventure – see the world from above!  


  • Ride in a hot air balloon  
  • Village safari with catamaran and tuk  tuk  ride and lunch  
  • Ascent to the  Pidurangala  rock  

Change your perspective today!  Ride early in the morning in a  colorful hot air balloon into the sunrise over the cultural triangle and take unique photos of the idyllic landscape.   

You will freely prowl elephant herds see on the Sigiriya rock fortress ride, the awakening jungle, and sparkling reservoirs cross. Endless mountain ranges, colorful villages, and lush green tea plantations provide an inexhaustible reservoir of photo motifs!  

The authentic Sri Lankan life:  In oxcart, you make a trip to a village near  Habarana. The farmers will guide you through the vegetable garden and across the fields, show you their daily handicrafts, and describe their problems with wild elephants and the consequences of climate change. The village women prepare a traditional lunch that is eaten in the farm workers’ hut. Here people eat from the banana leaf with their hands!   

The  Pidurangala skirt is the little-visited neighboring rocks of the famous  Sigiriya rock s. D as fantastic panorama at the summit reached you a partly rocky forest path and some sport climbing. Sweet monkeys will accompany you every step of the way.   

From the summit, you have an exclusive view of the neighboring Sigiriya Rock and the vast landscape, which is particularly spectacular at sunset.   

#srilankaballooning #hiriwadunnavillage #pidurangalahike #pidurangala  

Overnight and breakfast  in Habarana    


Day 6: Habarana - Riverston - Matale - Kandy

Knuckles  &  Fish therapy  – The end of the world and a  natural medical treatment!    


  • Drive  into the Knuckles  mountain range  
  • A short hike through  Pitawala Pathana  for Mini  World’s End    
  • Viewpoints  Riverston  and  Pitawala Pathana  with picnic   
  • Bambarakiri  Ella  Waterfall  
  • Kandy  

Today forsake your even the usual Sri Lanka- visitor route and learn the traditional  Land flat and the breathtaking nature in the remote  Knuckles know Bergland. 

The name Knuckles  Mountain Range is derived from the finger knuckle shape, which is formed by the five highest peaks between 1,500 and 2,000 m. Visitors rarely come to this dreamy area with its magical landscape.  Bizarre rocks, rushing waterfalls and dense forests shape the silhouette.  

Riverston is one of the peaks in the  Knuckles Mountains that rise over 1,000 meters. From this vantage point, you have a wonderful 360 degree view of the majestic landscape of the often mist-shrouded mountains and the grassland that spreads out in the middle of the hills. An ideal place for a picnic and some nice landscape shots!  

A simple nature trail of around 0.75 km leads the visitor to the spectacular Mini World`s End, a steep slope that falls abruptly 300 m down on the Pitawala Pathana. From here you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the Knuckles Range and some of the valleys below. This is an exclusive space for a daring photo of an impressive backdrop!   

The Bambarakiri waterfall offers a very special amenity: fish therapy! Schools of small fish clean the feet of the bathers. Pure wellness for free! Pools of water where the little medical helpers are waiting have formed on several steps. It is believed that the fish can stimulate acupuncture points and help regulate the nervous system, relax the body, and relieve fatigue.  

After a long day in the beautiful nature, you will spend another night in Kandy.  

#knucklesmountainrange #miniworldsend #pitawalapathana #bambarakiriellafalls  

Overnight and breakfast in  Kandy  


Day 7: Kandy - Ella

Landscape cinema & Lipton’s footsteps – With the retro train into the enchanting mountain world!  


  • Visit a tea factory   
  • Ramboda  waterfalls   
  • Train ride from Nanu Oya to Ella   

Visit one of the traditional tea factories first today. On the tea plantations, you can follow the entire process of tea production, which is still as devout and quality-conscious today as it was 100 years ago, from planting to harvesting and processing to tasting. You also have the opportunity to prove yourself as a tea picker under expert guidance. In the tea factory, you can try different types of tea before the journey continues.   

Now you can expect a spectacular drive to the central highlands of Sri Lanka.  By rolling hills and tea plantations, rice fields, palm n -, bamboo, and eucalyptus forests, you can the beautiful landscape as admirable.    

Sri Lanka’s highlands are known for their rushing waterfalls. The 109 m high Ramboda  Falls can be reached via a small path along the waterfall. You can take a refreshing bath in the natural water basin.   

After this short photo stop at Nanu Oya, from where your journey by train on the most beautiful railway line in the world continues. Past tea plantations, waterfalls, and nostalgic train stations, the train squeals and rattles up into the enchanting mountains. On the train, you can easily come into contact with local travelers and try the delicious snacks on offer.   

During the journey, you have the opportunity for a recording that is world-famous: When the train goes into a curve, it slows down. This is the moment when you can lean out of the wagon and have someone else take a photo of you.   

After about 3 hours drive  Reach your t  the mountain village of Ella that middle from canyons, jungles, waterfalls, and caves become a popular backpacker’s paradise has developed.   

#srilankateaplantation #rambodafalls #srilankatrainride #ellatrain #ellasrilanka  

Overnight and breakfast in Ella  


Day 8: Ella

Hikes & foresight – on two wheels and a rope through the highlands!  


  • Nine Arches Bridge  
  • Little Adam`s Peak  
  • Cooking class Priya Cookery Class   
  • Ziplining Adventure  

There are short hikes and bike rides to various photo spots around Ella:  

Little Adam’s Peak protrudes from the tea plantations and offers an excellent panoramic view of the mountain landscape, preferably in the early morning.   

The Nine Arches Bridge is a masterpiece of railway construction from colonial times and one of the most famous photo opportunities in Sri Lanka: strolling on the tracks in front of the green tea plantations.  

Then discover the diverse flavors of Sri Lanka and learn how to prepare a traditional Rice & Curry. You cook with exotic fruits, unknown vegetables, and oriental spices under the guidance of an experienced cook in a relaxed atmosphere. From fresh ingredients your vegetarian curries, rice, sambal and prepares Rottis to eat together and learn a lot about authentic life in Sri Lanka.  

At the end of the day, a very special adventure awaits you, and – if you do it skillfully – an extraordinary video sequence: 500 m long, spectacular two-wire zip line speeds adventurously over the valley at 80 km / and offers a view from the Bird’s eye view of the beautiful hills of the central highlands.  

#ninearchesbridge #ellalittleadamspeak #flyingravana #priyacookeryclass  

Overnight and breakfast  in  Ella  


Day 9: Ella - Diyaluma - Kirinda - Tissamaharama

Wild animals & waterfalls –  swimming with a view and a visit to  Sri Lanka’s “Big Five”!  


  • Diyaluma  Falls  
  • Kirinda Vihara ya  Maha Devi Temple   
  • Jeep safari in Yala National Park  

The  Diyaluma  If there are 220 m altitude, the second highest waterfalls Sri Lanka and a magnificent spectacle. Because of the fine veil of water, it is also known as the “mist waterfall”. The intermediate form natural “infinity pools” for swimming with views of the valley: a unique “wow” moment and opportunity for exclusive photos!   

The  Kirinda Vihara  Maha Devi Temple is located on an enchanted rock by the sea. A temple is said to have stood here since the 2nd century. The contrast between the wild roaring sea and the unshakable silence of the temple visits an impressive experience.    

The rocky beach is lonely here and swimming is very dangerous because of the strong ocean currents. However, a short walk along the beach leads to a hidden natural pool in which to safely dive can.  

In the afternoon, go your t  stalking! Yala National Park on the eastern south coast is Sri Lanka’s most popular national park. Here you can watch a variety of animals such as crocodiles, elephants, mongooses, and monkeys, but also one of the largest leopard populations on the island.  

Anyone who has decided to see the “Big Five” of Sri Lanka has the chance to see elephants, sloth bears, and leopards in front of the photo lens.  

#diyalumafalls #kirindatemple #yalanationalpark # srilankabig5  

Overnight and breakfast  in Tissamaharama 


Day 10: Tissamaharama - Galle - Unawatuna

Palm trees & pirate nests – the most beautiful beaches and a historic harbor!  


  • The most beautiful beaches on the south coast  
  • Galle Old Town and Galle Fort (UNESCO World heritage)  
  • Tuk Tuk driving lesson  

This road trip on the Indian Ocean leads through lively seaside resorts along the south coast. The most beautiful beaches on the island are lined up here like pearls.  On the south coast, you will find the most famous “swings”, turtles walking on the beach, and the famous stilt fishermen standing here in the water.  

Your reach to the historic port city of Galle with its imposing colonial buildings and tropical flair. Before the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century, Galle was the island’s main port and reached the height of its development in the 18th century during the Dutch colonial era. Magnificent buildings and fortifications around the old town bear witness to the turbulent past and form a wonderful backdrop for special photos with colonial flair. Daring cliff divers and oriental divers take care of the promenade in front of the lighthouse   Snake charmers for light thrills!  

Galle gets you a private driving lesson in three-wheelers and is allowed a spin to make the steering wheel.  

In the evening you will reach your beach resort on the south coast.  

#srilankabeaches #gallesrilanka #gallelighthouse #angelbeachsl #unawatunabeach #unawatunaswing #stelzenfischer   

Overnight and breakfast in  Unawatuna  


Day 11 to 13: Beach vacation in Unawatuna

Wellness & surfing – tropical dream on the exotic south coast!  


  • Relaxation – bathing – lazing around – hammock – wellness – sunbathing – sport – water sports   
  • Optional excursions:   Turtle sanctuary / Boat trip into the mangroves  
  • Offshore safari observation for whale watching  

The beaches in the south of Sri Lanka consistently offer postcard motifs: long dream stands with golden-yellow sand, turquoise-blue water, palm forests and colorful coral reefs make tropical dreams come true. Swimming and sunbathing are possible here all year round.  

On the south coast, you will find a lot of variety from beach life: surfing, snorkeling, Ayurveda, yoga & massages, excellent seafood and relaxed sundowners in front of a dream backdrop, excursions to the mangroves in the hinterland, or to a turtle sanctuary.   

We wish you a  lot of fun and relaxation!  

#turtles  #whalewatchingsrilanka #mangrovesrilanka #ayurvedasrilanka #yogaunawatuna #srilankasurf  

Overnight and breakfast in  Unawatuna  


Day 14: Unawatuna - Airport

Transfer to the airport  

Now it’s time to say goodbye to beautiful Sri Lanka! Our rich “fed” Feed tour with beautiful memories has come to an end! 




Entrance fees according to the itinerary

Accommodation in a double room with breakfast 

Transfers and round trip in an air-conditioned vehicle with an English-speaking private driver 

Transfer to the airport / extension hotel 

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