Summer vacation in Sri Lanka:  21 days summer vacation for families with a round trip, 3 safaris, 3 dream coasts, family accommodation & private drivers. Learn about Sri Lanka know extensively and relax on beautiful beaches!        

Experience with your children a varied round trip through Sri Lanka to the well-known sights from nature, culture & wildlife, and unusual places that most visitors do not go to. You have many opportunities to immerse yourself with your children in the life and culture of the country and to experience entertaining adventures. In between and at the end of the trip you can relax on the dream beaches of the east and south-west coast of Sri Lanka 

Discover a world full of wonders: cycle through antiquity, save turtle babies, learn to cook spicy, bathe in a waterfall and enjoy the tropical feeling! 

Why this travel package? 


Summer vacation special: 3-week complete round-trip package & beach vacation for families


Sri Lanka individual round trip to get to know the country and people on the tropical island


Bathing stays on the east coast and the south-west coast


Diverse excursions especially for families with children to the most beautiful sights and exciting places away from the established visitor routes


Short trips in an air-conditioned vehicle with a licensed private driver


Family-friendly & quality-tested accommodations with breakfast


Recommended travel time: all year round

Itinerary 21 days Sri Lanka round trip 


Starts in:


National park safari: 2

(Toyota High Luxury Jeep)




Sights: 39

(5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites) 

Duration: 21 days

(with breakfast) 

Places visited: 10

(20 nights) 

Day 1: Airport - Colombo


  • Arrive at Bandaranaike International Airport and drive to the hotel 
  • Colombo Fort – Independence Memorial Hall – Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple – Town Hall – National Museum Colombo – Viharamahadevi Park – Pettah – Galle Face Green – Pelican Roundabout – South Beira Lake Pedal Boating 

Your private driver will meet you at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo and take you to your hotel in the Colombo area in your air-conditioned minivan. Here you will be greeted with a welcome drink. Relax from the long journey or take a guided tour of Colombo. 

Experience the eventful history of the capital with its impressive colonial buildings. Modern skyscrapers bear witness to Colombo’s recent development into a pulsating metropolis in Asia. Stroll through the winding streets of Colombo Fort and Pettah or take advantage of the many shopping opportunities. 

Enjoy the change between the hustle and bustle of a colorful, oriental port city and oases of calm in the middle of the big city: quiet parks, temples, and beach promenades invite you to linger. Floating markets and food stalls lure with their exotic smells to get to know the delicious cuisine of Sri Lanka for the first time. 

Round off the tour with a pedal boat ride on South Beira Lake and admire the pelicans that live there! 

Overnight and breakfast in Colombo 


Day 2: Colombo - Anuradhapura

Stupas & reservoirs – by bike to antiquity! 


  • Holy City of Anuradhapura (UNESCO World Heritage) by bike 
  • Sri Maha Bodhi tree 
  • Bike tour around picturesque reservoirs 

After breakfast, drive towards Anuradhapura. On the journey, the unbelievable diversity of the Sri Lankan landscape spreads out in front of you: tropical vegetation, lovely rice fields, and coconut plantations alternate with wide plains and colorful villages. 

On the way, you can stop as you please to refresh yourself with coconut milk at one of the numerous fruit stands typical for the country, with a straw straight from the freshly picked fruit. Or you can try some of the lesser known exotic fruits. 

Anuradhapura is the oldest city in Sri Lanka and was the country’s capital and seat of several Sinhalese royal dynasties for around 1,000 years. The legendary city, idyllically located on a reservoir, is said to have had more than 100,000 inhabitants. The former splendor of the historic metropolis can be glimpsed in the extensive field of ruins: majestic dagobas, magnificent palaces, imposing temples, and fascinating monasteries have stood here. Explore the ancient city by bike. 

The focus is on the 2,000 year old, sacred Bodhi tree. It is said to be an offshoot of the Indian Bodhi tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment. Buddhist pilgrims come here every day to honor the tree. 

Overnight and breakfast in Anuradhapura 



Day 3: Anuradhapura - Minneriya - Habarana

Village safari & pachyderms – a visit to a traditional village and wild elephants! 


  • Aukana Buddha statue 
  • Village safari with catamaran and tuk tuk ride and lunch 
  • Jeep safari in Minneriya National Park 
  • In the morning you leave Anuradhapura towards Habarana. 

The imposing Aukana Buddha, located in the middle of the jungle, is one of the largest ancient statues in Sri Lanka and an important sanctuary for Buddhists. Pilgrims ask for rain here by laying flowers and dousing the feet of the statue with milk. 

The figure, about 14 meters high and carved out of granite rock, is probably from the 5th / 6th centuries. It was created in the 19th century and is one of the masterpieces of stone carving. When it rains, you can see how the rainwater falls from your head over your nose and, due to the perfect symmetry, ends up exactly in the middle between the feet of the statue. 

Now you will experience traditional Sri Lankan everyday life: You will take a trip to a village near Habarana. There you drive a short distance with the ox cart through the rice fields, with a catamaran over the lake and a bit with the TukTuk to reach the village of Hiriwadunna. 

Once there, visit the village house, the vegetable garden, and the rice field and watch the farmers and artisans in their daily work. The village women will prepare a traditional lunch for you, which you will have in the village house. Children are allowed to eat in the treehouse, which is used at night to spy on predatory elephants! The banana leaf is eaten here with the hands! 

A special kind of meet & greet awaits you in the Minneriya National Park: groups of up to 400 pachyderms gather in the afternoon to swim and drink at the reservoir. In the jeep, you get closer to the animals and see their companions up close: birds, monkeys, buffalo, crocodiles, and other wild animals. 

Adventurous families stay in a treehouse in Habarana. 

Overnight and breakfast in Habarana 


Day 4: Habarana - Sigiriya - Ritigala - Trincomalee

It-Girls & Indiana Jones – Be guests of cloud girls and go on a treasure hunt in the jungle! 

  • Highlights 
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress (UNESCO World Heritage) 
  • Ritigala Forest Monastery 
  • Drive to Trincomalee 

The 200 meters high Lion Rock is located in an idyllic, ancient garden, surrounded by the remains of a former palace complex. The fortress is Sri Lanka’s most important and most visited UNESCO World Heritage site. 

The history of this place dates back 7,000 years when King Ravana founded this amazing complex. Researchers suspect that the original palace lies undiscovered inside the rock. Allegedly one sees otherwise closed crevices open from time to time … 

The rock palace experienced a second heyday in the 5th century under King Kasyapa. The king’s son used the rock as a refuge from his brother and had elaborate buildings, a water supply that was groundbreaking for the time, and refined water gardens, which can still be seen today. 

Halfway up the ascent, you will reach the “Cloud Girls”: well-preserved, centuries-old wall paintings made of natural paint. Anyone who has made the narrow spiral staircase with 1,860 steps to the plateau will be rewarded with a pleasant cooling breeze and a fantastic view of the surrounding area. 

Those who do not dare to climb the rock can walk in the surrounding gardens and irrigation systems of the palace or watch the monkey hordes cavorting at the foot of the rock and providing good entertainment. 

In the Ritigala nature reserve, the ruins of an ancient forest monastery, romantically overgrown by the jungle, are hidden. The facilities and buildings of the over 1,000 year old complex can still be seen: an Ayurvedic infirmary for the monks, terrace paths, and the remains of a gigantic stone pond that was built over a watercourse. 

The site was once used as a film set for some of the “Indiana Jones” movies. A special delight for young visitors: the rocky path through the jungle and the huge, ancient trees with the lianas. 

In the late afternoon, you make your way to your first bathing trip on the east coast. 

Bed and breakfast in Trincomalee 


Day 5: Trincomalee

Sand & sun – relaxation on the beautiful east coast! 


  • Relaxation – bathing – lazing around – hammock – wellness – sunbathing – sport – water sports 

The east coast impresses with pristine beaches and consistently warm weather in summer. The still very original area around Trincomalee offers endless dream beaches and ideal conditions for a relaxing beach holiday. In the European summer months, you can swim here and in the neighboring towns of Nilaveli and Uppuveli in the gently sloping sea, and, depending on the season, go sailing, snorkeling and diving. 

The probability of having a dream beach all to yourself is high. 

Bed and breakfast in Trincomalee  


Day 6: Trincomalee


  • Tricomalee City Tour 
  • Relaxation – bathing – lazing around – hammock – wellness – sunbathing – sport – water sports 

Today we will get you out of the hammock and show you the city of Trincomalee, located in one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. You visit the fish market and the lively Central Market. Then take a walk through the manageable city center. You can also visit the nearby St. Stephen’s Cemetery. here we can 

Visitors will discover names of well-known English families who found their final resting place here during British rule. 

The colorful Hindu temple Koneshwaram, located on a cliff in the area of ​​the largely destroyed Fort Frederick, looks back on thousands of years of history. A dramatic love tragedy is said to have occurred on the Swami Rock cliff in the 17th century, which is why the cliff is called “Lover’s Leap”. 

Marine researchers have named this lookout point the most beautiful in the world for whale watching from the mainland. Keep an eye out! 

Bed and breakfast in Trincomalee 


Day 7: Trincomalee


  • Snorkeling on Pigeon Island 
  • Relaxation – bathing – lazing around – hammock – wellness – sunbathing – sport – water sports 

Today you go underground! You cross over to the coral island of Pigeon Island for a snorkeling tour. Swim with baby sharks, colorful fish, and sea turtles, and let yourself be enchanted by the colorful underwater world. 

Bed and breakfast in Trincomalee 


Day 8: Trincomalee


  • Relaxation – bathing – lazing around – hammock – wellness – sunbathing – sport – water sports 

Bed and breakfast in Trincomalee 


Day 9: Trincomalee - Dambulla - Matale - Peradeniya - Kandy

Tobacco & Temple Caves – A Journey into the Cultural Triangle! 


  • Cave temple in Dambulla (UNESCO World Heritage) 
  • Spice garden in Matale 
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Peradeniya with picnic 
  • Walk-in Kandy old town 
  • Marvel at the Dambulla Cave Monastery! 

The rock temple is famous for its 5 caves, in which there are 153 Buddha statues carved out of the rock and well-preserved paintings depicting scenes from the life of the Buddha. It is said that the water on the ceiling of the main cave flows uphill! 

The temple is one of the oldest monasteries in the world. The focus is the huge resting Buddha in the first temple cave. From the viewing platform on the hill, you also have a beautiful view of the surroundings. 

The road trip from Dambulla to Kandy leads through the fertile landscape of the central province and into the center of the spice cultivation. Lovely rice fields, colorful vegetable gardens, and exotic spice plantations pass by and the colorful market stalls along the road make the trip on “Spice Road” an entertaining trip. 

A stop at one of the stands with fresh fruit is expressly recommended to try exotic superfoods and sustainable soft drinks straight from the environmentally friendly coconut packaging! 

The traditional spice and herb gardens are located along this route. Here you can see, smell, and feel how pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa beans grow and how they are used in food or medicine. 

In Matale, there is also the sensational Sri Muthumariamman Kovil, 300 year old, colorful Hindu temple. At the rear, interested visitors can look into the classroom of a primary school. 

You will have lunch today in front of a tropical backdrop: on a picnic blanket in the Royal Botanic Garden in Peradeniya, one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Asia. Then stroll through the tropical park with avenues lined with coconut palms and cannonball trees. Here you will gain an excellent insight into the sometimes strange tropical flora: over 4,000 plant species and 10,000 giant trees grow here. Hundreds of fruit bats hang in the treetops. And hordes of monkeys cavort in the meadows. And the toothbrush tree grows here too (Salvadora persica)! 

After a short drive, you will reach the old royal metropolis of Kandy. The lively old town of Kandy with its colonial buildings and the hustle and bustle on the streets invites you to stroll and stroll. A good selection of cafes and restaurants offer the opportunity to watch life in the alleys with a cup of Ceylon tea. 

At the market, you can experience the haggling of the traders and the lush, colorful stalls with exotic fruits and vegetables, but also with high-quality handicrafts and antique jewelry. Let yourself be wrapped in a colorful sari at one of the stands and feel as elegant as a local! 

Overnight and breakfast in Kandy 


Day 10: Kandy

Dancers & Drummers – Immerse yourself in the exotic culture of Sri Lanka! 


  • Temple of the Tooth in Kandy (UNESCO World Heritage) 
  • Cooking course “Flavors of Sri Lanka” 
  • In the evening performance of Kandy dances 

The Temple of the Tooth in Kandy is the holiest site for Buddhists in Sri Lanka and at the same time the most beautiful Buddhist temple in the country. A Buddha’s canine tooth is kept as a relic in the main temple. According to tradition, the owner of the relic has the right to rule over Sri Lanka. The room with the shrine in which the tooth is kept is opened three times a day for pilgrims and visitors in a puja ceremony. Here you can put flowers and light an oil lamp. 

In the afternoon you will learn how to prepare a typical “Rice & Curry” in a private cooking studio in Kandy. The family connection is guaranteed, and dinner is included. 

In the evening you will experience a performance of traditional Kandy dances. Enjoy the magic of the exotic performances of the dancers and drummers, who tell stories that are thousands of years old with their art. 

Overnight and breakfast in Kandy 


Day 11: Kandy - Nuwara Eliya - Ella

Landscape cinema & Lipton’s footsteps – With the retro train into the mountains! 


  • Tea plantations and tea picking 
  • Visit a tea factory 
  • Ramboda waterfalls 
  • Nuwara Eliya – city above the clouds 
  • Train ride from Nanu Oya to Ella (1 st class) 
  • Walkthrough Ella 
  • Today you can expect a spectacular drive into the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Passing rolling hills, rice fields, palm, bamboo, and eucalyptus forests, you can enjoy a lush green backdrop. 

You reach Nuwara Eliya, the “city above the clouds” in the heart of the highlands. The place surprises with a typical British colonial settlement in the Tudor style with a racecourse, golf course, and traditional telephone booths. Stroll through the place and feel transported to the English kingdom in the Victorian era. 

You will then visit one of the traditional tea factories and learn everything there is to know about the cultivation and processing of the tea plant. You also could try your hand at tea-picking under expert guidance. 

In the tea factory, you can try different types of tea and have a small lunch before the journey continues 

Sri Lanka’s highlands are known for their rushing waterfalls. The 109 m high Ramboda Falls can be reached via a small path along the waterfall. You can take a refreshing dip in the natural water basin. After this short stopover, you will arrive at Nanu Oya, from where you will continue your journey on the train. 

Past tea plantations, waterfalls, and nostalgic train stations, the train winds its way up into the enchanting mountains. Enjoy the panorama! After about 3 hours you will reach the mountain village of Ella, which has developed into a popular hiking paradise amid gorges, jungle forests, waterfalls, and caves. 

Take a short evening stroll through the town. 

Overnight and breakfast in Ella 


Day 12: Ella

Hikes & foresight – on foot through the highlands! 


  • Hikes around Ella 
  • Ziplining 

Explore the most beautiful spots around Ella in hiking boots: Ella Rock is a well-known rock high above Ella, about a two-hour hike from town. The rock offers a breathtaking view over the hill country and the plains below. 

The Nine Arches Bridge is a masterpiece of colonial railway construction and one of the most famous photo opportunities in Sri Lanka. 

Little Adam’s Peak protrudes from the tea plantations and also offers an excellent panoramic view of the mountain landscape. 

At the end of the day, a little challenge awaits your family: a 500 m long, spectacular two-wire zip line speeds adventurously over the valley at 80 km / h and offers a bird’s eye view of the beautiful hills of the central highlands. A great adventure for young and old! 

Overnight and breakfast in Ella 


Day 13: Ella - Yala

Wild animals & waterfalls – From the highlands to Sri Lanka’s “Big Five” 


  • Ravana waterfalls 
  • Ella Gap Valley 
  • Jeep safari in Yala National Park with Junior Ranger course 

Today you leave the mountainous country on the winding panoramic road through the Ella Gap Valley to the south. You will arrive at the popular Ravana Ella Falls, where you can take a refreshing break. The Ravana Falls are among the widest waterfalls in the country. The falls were named after the legendary King Ravana. According to legend, the king kidnapped a princess and hid it in the caves behind this waterfall. Go on a search! 

Yala National Park on the eastern south coast is Sri Lanka’s most popular national park. Here you can watch a variety of animals such as crocodiles, elephants, mongooses, and monkeys, but also one of the largest leopard populations on the island. 

Anyone who has decided to stalk the “Big Five” of Sri Lanka has the chance to see elephants, sloth bears, and leopards in front of the photo lens. 

Adventurous families spend the night in a tented camp in the wilderness. At the camp, the children receive an introduction to bird watching techniques and how to find animal tracks. On the walks that take place near the camp, you and your children will learn how to discover caves, identify edible plants, and navigate using the sun and moon. 

You spend the evening around the campfire in the best wildlife atmosphere! 

Overnight and breakfast in Tissamaharana 


Day 14: Yala - Udawalawa - Singharaja

Proboscis & rainforest – road trip into the jungle! 


  • Visit the Elephant Transit Home for feeding 
  • Drive to Singharaja Forest Reserve (UNESCO World Heritage) 

Today you drive into the last lowland rainforest in Sri Lanka. The trip leads through remote areas, where you get a good insight into the everyday life of the local population. 

At noon you will visit the Elephant Transit Home in Udawalawa. You can reach it on time for the feeding time of the pachyderms. In this protection project, the animals are carefully prepared for their release into the wild and can be observed at close range. 

Overnight and breakfast in Singharaja 


Day 15: Singharaja

Flora & Fauna – Roam a world full of wonders! 


  • Guided hike through the Singharaja Forest Reserve (UNESCO World Heritage Site) 

Today you experience a special adventure for nature lovers: a hike through the vast tropical lowland rainforest on the island. The Singharaja Rainforest Reserve is a world of wonders! The more than 10,000-hectare forest reserve, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the last tropical lowland rainforest on the island. 

Because of its biodiversity and its countless colorful plants, birds, and insects, Singharaja is one of the most important hotspots of biodiversity in the world. The forest is full of life and the play of light and shadow through the ancient, tall trees is fantastic. 

The area can be explored on guided hikes of different lengths. If you are looking for a real jungle feeling, you will find it here! 

Overnight and breakfast in Singharaja 


Day 16: Singharaja - Galle

Colonial Buildings & Coconut Trees – Explore the historic port city of Galle! 


  • The Old town of Galle 
  • Galle Fort (UNESCO World Heritage) 
  • Tuk Tuk driving lesson 

After a one-hour drive through the jungle, travelers reach the coastal road directly on the Indian Ocean. The view of the turquoise blue sea with the golden yellow beaches and the coconut groves is breathtaking. A swim stop on one of the numerous dream beaches is a must! 

Before the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century, Galle was the island’s main port and reached the height of its development in the 18th century during the Dutch colonial era. Magnificent buildings and the fortress around the old town bear witness to the eventful history of the historic port city. 

Explore Galle in a breezy tuk tuk! On a tour over the walls of the well-preserved fortress and through the partly renovated old town with its beautiful shops and atmospheric cafes, you will experience an unmistakable colonial flair. On the promenade in front of the lighthouse, snake charmers and cliff divers provide easy thrills! 

Dare to take the wheel of a three-wheeler: after an hour of driving, you can take a spin at the steering wheel yourself! 

Overnight and breakfast in Galle 


Day 17: Galle - Mirissa - Bentota

Save turtles & admire whales – a day by and in the Indian Ocean! 


  • Offshore safari from Mirissa 
  • Turtle sanctuary 

Today you set out on an early morning whale watching tour. The sea in front of Mirissa is one of the favorite places to stay for blue and sperm whales. Dolphins are always romping around them. With this, you complete Sri Lanka’s “Big Five”. 

In the early afternoon, you will visit a turtle sanctuary. To prevent the illegal sale of eggs laid on the beach, the employees collect the eggs immediately after they are laid and release the animals a few days after they hatch. You get an insight into the work of the animal rights activists and can experience the cute animals up close. 

Overnight and breakfast in Bentota 



Day 18-21: Bentota

Wellness & surfing – relaxation on the exotic west coast! 


Relaxation – bathing – lazing around – hammock – wellness – sunbathing – sport – water sports 

Crystal blue water, wide beaches, and coconut trees: these ingredients make tropical dreams come true on the west coast! The cheerful town of Bentota awaits sun-seekers with palm-fringed dream beaches and paradisiacal bays as well as numerous water sports on the Bentota River. 

In the vicinity of Bentota, there are beaches in Aluthgama, Beruwela, and Bentota. Aluthgama is an insider tip because bathers can relax largely undisturbed on the long beach here on the peninsula between the lagoon and the Indian Ocean. The beaches of the neighboring towns of Beruwela and Bentota combine to form a kilometer-long, snow-white beach with shallow water. 

Visitors should make a detour to Galapatha Rajamaha Viharaya, a small Buddhist temple from the 12th century, with beautiful wall paintings and a tooth relic. 

Enjoy water sports and wellness: surfing, snorkeling, Ayurveda, yoga & massages. We wish you a good rest! 

Overnight and breakfast in Bentota 


Day 21: Bentota - Airport

Transfer to the airport 

Now it’s time to say goodbye! An eventful Sri Lanka tour comes to an end. Hopefully, you will leave our beautiful island relaxed and with many wonderful memories! Get home well! 



Entrance fees according to the itinerary

Accommodation in a family room with breakfast 

Transfers and round trip in an air-conditioned vehicle with an English-speaking private driver 

Transfer to the airport / extension hotel 

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